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This is honestly the first time I've visited my DA account in months, years even. I've just been a bit...uninspired.

But hey, I'm getting married. That's weird, right?
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It's 2009.
I have 400 Deviations to look at. Ugh.

I do have a "studio" now, though. Look for more art in the coming year (hopefully. I didn't get any less lazy for Christmas.)

Slimfast, I am for you.
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Hey hey! Guess what I did, guys!
That's right, I made some FRIGGIN PICTURES.
The style is overdone, but I needed something quick for an art garage sale I'm apparently in Friday, especially since I've managed to lose my framed art(?!) I need to sell.
But don't say I never gave you nothin'. Pin-up girls. Tell your friends.

I'm still uberexcited about my :iconpocketowl: commission. Just so you know.
I mean, aren't you?
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So I totally just commissioned my first piece of art! I'm totally digging this whole "Pay someone else to do awesome art so you don't have to!" thing.

:iconpocketowl:, you rock my socks. And everybody else, check out her gallery. She is supertrippyawesome.

And...I can also do commissions...but I haven't exactly proven myself to be overly commission-worthy, so I'm not gonna push it. Haha.

Eee! I'm just so excited though! I'm getting my own customised Pocketowl work!!!! :dance:
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I would pay for someone awesome to illustrate the song Mr. Chess by Duncan Sheik.

Would you do it for me if you were awesome?

Also, I'm aware of how tacky my title is.
Let's have a tacky title party!

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Still no art to speak of. However, I did get my deviations to check below 300.

Just so you know.
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Why hello.
It's Hallowe'en. Were you aware?

Also, I've changed my avatar for the first time in 3 years. This calls for a woot.


And that's all I have to say about that.
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I'm glad that you officially recognised my special skill. Giraffovision* is, perhaps, one of my greatest secret talents and I am very willing to pass it on to you if you will give me everything I ask for:
2 canes
5 lbs of food
3 pairs of clothing
1 axle
two yoke of oxen
All of your money.

And that's it. Giraffovision could be yours for this low, low price.
That's my final offer.

*Giraffovision: The ability to see and/or see through giraffes
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I'm afraid I'm behind on all my deviations (224) and messages (109) again.
And I have no art to submit.

Why am I here again?
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If you had to theoretically choose between Edward Hopper, The Beatles or Genndy Tartakovsky to, I dunno, bake you a birthday cake or something, who would you choose?
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I can't believe it. They have all these HP addicts out there with Harry withdrawal and they have the gall to move Half-blood Prince to July?! Is this some sort of cruel torture they've come up with at Gitmo?
Potterboarding indeed.
Admittedly, I despise Yates with a passion and consider him the worst thing to happen to the films since Chris Columbus, but still! So they had a hot space open up on the summer calendar---that's no reason to let down so many expectant people! I've seen the trailer, darnit! It said NOVEMBER 08!


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Harriet Burns, the first woman to work as a designer for Walt Disney Imagineering, died on July 25. She was 79.

Thank you for taking that first step, Harriet.
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New things! Aah!
So much change! So much dA wonderfulness to absorb!

They had my favourite sandwich today at Caffe Moderne. There's something about a strawberry turkey sandwich on croissant that makes me hope for a new and better tomorrow.

My cell phone is not here. Where is my cell phone? Why don't I have my cell phone?!

I might sleep at the zoo tomorrow, by the gorillas. I <3 GORILLAS.
They're probably the coolest thing this side of strawberry turkey sandwiches.

But that's it, really. I like these brief updates.
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All things considered, I'm not doing too shabby I think.

Optimistic? Not yet. Getting there.
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I want to work at Pixar like a kid wants to be a Dinosaur Astronaut Princess.
I mean, sure it's a great dream, but highly improbable considering my location, lack of money and skill level.

If I ever get a debilitating disease (God forbid) I can only hope that the Make a Wish Foundation would be open to sending a middle-aged woman to California to visit an animation studio.
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When you've got a 13x19 colouring book and 96 crayons?


I've done nothing to-day except watch Harry Potter and colour. And go to church, read HP:DH at Starbucks and come home, but other than that---nothing. Just colour and watch. It's brilliant.
This is why it is good to be an adult.

PS: I so didn't ever notice David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jr. Hawt.
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Tomorrow I turn 23, perhaps one of the least interesting ages one person could possibly turn. No one is impressed if you tell them you're 23, unless said person is 9, in which case you are a dinosaur. Rawwr.
Are there particular markers you're supposed to have hit by age 23? Let's make some logical ones up based roughly on The Game Of Life.

High School Graduation - check.
Drivers license - check
Make Awesome Friends - check
4 Year Liberal Arts College Education - check
Travel to Europe - check
Have Major Surgery - check
Find Job in Field - check
Move Out - Hahaha.
First Art Show - check
Boyfriend - Um.
Married - Erm.

Well, I've hit most of them anyway. The love section's a little on the weak side. That's kind of lame. But when you think about it, I'm not doing too bad.  

In other news, my best friend is making me the most amazing cake!
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Have you ever noticed how much Flamingos look like dinosaurs? Of course, they'd be laughed out of the dinosaur community for being pink (everyone knows that real dinosaurs are green...and probably breath fire) but the velociraptor would probably be pretty receptive. Sort of like when your gay uncle comes to visit. Something like that.
So it's probably a good thing Flamingos aren't dinosaurs.

You know who makes good flamingos?
Denny Crane and Alan Shore.
Best. Flamingos. Ever.

But that's all I wanted to say.
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So I'm between Real People Show obsessions at the moment.

Definitely over Star Trek (but still very much enjoyed on occasion *pats Dr. Bashir action figure*.)
Fairly over Boston Legal (Season 3 and the fact that I started watching it while I was on the treadmill killed it for me v_v*)
Starting on The Office. (I don't know if it can be obsessed over...too close to life, you know?)
I could really get into House, except I hate blood 'n guts.
I have to have my dose of ideal Real People between the cartoons, you know.


I think what I really miss is anime and the like. Last year when I had my wisdom teeth ripped out of my skull, Cartoon Network was having a Naruto weekend marathon and I watched that for like, 3 days straight because there's not a whole lot on that interests you when you're high on pain killers with bags of peas stuck to your face. It was a bit...irritating, but there are a couple episodes that I enjoyed.
Well, I started watching it again on Veoh yesterday just for kicks and while I liked a few episodes, it just wasn't quite as enthralling without the painkillers and peas. It kept drawing things out and Naruto kept getting the crap beat out of him and they wouldn't ever just go find effing Sasuke, so I stopped watching it. I hate filler episodes and drawn out fight/flash back episodes.

I miss Trigun and useless fluff like Fruits Basket and DNAngel. I found a surprising addiction in Samurai Champloo for a while, which was actually really well-animated and scripted, both dubbed and in Japanese. And I liked the weird little rap soundtrack. It was fresh.
But I mean, do you remember when Toonami (with cool un-buff Tom) used to show GOOD cartoons after school? You'd schedule your life around Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors and Gundam Wing like it was the most important thing in the world.  And Reboot, man!  It got so great there at the end. I can't wait till the movie comes out.

Needless to say I was surprised to see Samurai Jack back in the Cartoon Network line-up. It was so refreshing to see its fierce zen animation again. However, it only made me miss proper cartoons even more. Genndy, I neeeed you! I can only take so much of My Gym Partner's a Monkey (actually one of the better ones, writing-wise; it's so dry and sarcastic.) And Atoms! I want Time Squad back! Billy and Mandy make my brain hurt. v_v

I just miss my stupid cartoon addictions. It's like a little tiny void that should always be filled, but isn't because TELEVISION IS STUPID.

I tell you what, all this book reading is going to melt my brain.
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Yay for new art!
Too bad it looks more impressive on paper and in Wichita, where no one's seen anything like it.